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Salvation Seed #2

In Salvation Seed #1, Pat Fraher and Darron George answered the question, ‘what is salvation’ by providing the illustration of Jesus as our defence lawyer, securing our ‘not guilty’ verdict by His death on the cross. Now, George and Fraher build upon the foundation laid in Salvation Seed #1, by asking the question, “how do I become saved,” in Salvation Seed #2. (VIEW SALVATION SEED #2 on YouTube) They find that the answer for this question comes down to two elements; belief a

Surrender Stories: Darron George

By Jonathan Hodgson Darron George has enjoyed great successes in his officiating career and has earned his reputation as one of the top referees in NCAA Division I basketball but along the journey, he has learned that if the first thing you are concerned with is your reputation looking out for your own reputation, you are missing the point. George, 50, son of parents Dennis and Sharon George, grew up in Southern California before moving to Allen, TX in 2000 and currently atte

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