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Pat Fraher - Salvation Seed #3

By Jonathan Hodgson

Concluding the Salvation Seeds messages at Referees Embracing Faith Conference 2019, Pat Fraher spoke on the instructions that Jesus gave for eternal salvation. This third seed message discussed repentance. It built upon the first two seed messages from Fraher and Darron George, “what is salvation,” and “how do I become saved”.

Fraher laid the foundation for this third aspect of salvation in simplifying Jesus purpose for his ministry here on Earth.

“Jesus came to save the world from sin, and he started his public ministry with these two instructions,” Fraher said. “Simply repent and believe.”

Having discussed what it means to believe in the first two seed messages, the third and final discussed repentance. Borrowing the aid of a video excerpt from Charles Stanley, Fraher explains how true salvation comes not from knowledge of Christ and a statement of faith alone, but by sincere heart repentance from former sinful ways, and pursuing God’s ways that will be reflected in our behavior.

“Repentance is turning away from living life your way and turning back towards God and living life His way,” Fraher said. “That’s what Jesus was calling us to do. And when you put them together, that’s what he’s calling us to do is surrender,” he said, continuing on by further examining the meaning of repentance. “If you look up the definition of surrender, it has two parts; one is to cease resistance and submit to another’s authority, and the other is to give up or hand something over. When we repent and believe, we are giving up our lives, handing it over to Him, ceasing resistance and submitting it to the authority of the Lord,” Fraher concluded.

We pray that you have been blessed by not only the Salvation Seed series, but all of the messages preached at Referees Embracing Faith Conference 2019, which can be found at the S.O.S. YouTube channel, along with messages from REF Conference 2018.

We are sincerely grateful to each speaker who blessed us with their presence and their words. Also, it is thanks to the support from all who attended the conference, viewed online, and have supported S.O.S. and REF Conference with their time, abilities and financial contributions in order to make REF Conference a reality.

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