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REF Conference: "YOLO: No Regrets"

Over the next several weeks, S.O.S. is excited to release the messages delivered at Referees Embracing Faith Conference 2019 in Mason, OH, to our website and YouTube channel.

The central theme of this year's REF Conference “The Gift of Salvation: A Gift and A Call". Alika Arisumi led off the conference with his message "YOLO", in which he redefines the popular term commonly associated with ill-advised decisions for momentary satisfaction, to instead underscore the importance of right decisions and actions to invest in our legacy and relationship with God.

Alika is a gifted and engaging communicator, and is a basketball and volleyball official, as well as pastor and church planter of Nikao Church in Alamogordo, NM. He also serves as an advisor at S.O.S.

We believe that this message will stir in your heart. Our prayer is that you be drawn into deeper relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. No matter where you are or what your facing, this message is sure to inspire and encourage! Please enjoy and share!

“Are you living your life for a resume? Or for your eulogy and legacy of what will live on after you’re gone?” -Alika Arisumi


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