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S.O.S. partners with Officially Human


December 17, 2019

Sport Officials Surrendered (S.O.S.) is excited to announce a new partnership with officiating advocacy foundation Officially Human.

Officially Human is an organization established by Brenda and Tim Hilton of Lombard, Illinois, just outside of Chicago, with the mission of restoring respect and positive treatment of sport officials, across all sports, through increased education and communication between everybody involved in the game, including officials, administrators, coaches, parents, players and fans.

Officially Human recently conducted a survey of High School officials that has generated more than 18,000 responses across 13 states. The purpose of the survey is to give officials a stronger voice in the world of officiating pertaining to issues such as treatment, pay and the assigning process within each state. Survey feedback will be utilized to develop future programs with an eye on improving the growth of the officiating industry.

Officially Human founder Brenda Hilton: “Officially Human was founded with the mission to “humanize” sport officials in all sports at all levels, all while aiding in building the recruitment pipeline. Partnering with S.O.S. will help us to serve both missions well as we grow the officiating community.

S.O.S. co-founder Dan DiFolco: “We are extremely excited to partner with Officially Human. Their mission to restore proper treatment to sport officials meshes perfectly with the goals of S.O.S. to unify, serve, and grow the officiating community through relationships and based on a foundation of faith. We look forward to partnering in our service of the officiating community.”

You can visit Officially Human’s new website, to learn more about them, data collected from past surveys, as well as ways to get connected. Officially Human is also on Facebook, Twitter (@OffyHuman), and Instagram (@_officially_human).

The Officially Human online merchandise shop is currently in development and is due to launch in the near future.


Interested in partnering with S.O.S.? We would love to speak with you!

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