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"Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you . Always give yourselves fully to the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain"

1 Corinthians 15:58  



What does S.O.S stand for?

Sport Officials Surrendered. 

What Do We Do?

- Strive to unite fellow sports officials who are followers of Christ Jesus

- Support each other as we all endure the challenges of being a Sport 0fficial

- Hold each other accountable to living a life dedicated to Christ

- Make ourselves known As Christ followers while serving as  Referees/Umpires/Judges/Officials

- Engage in service to our communities

- Stand by our fellow sport officials, believer or not

- Seek to bring the Good News locally, nationally, and internationally 

Who Should Be Considered a Sport Officials Surrendered Member?

- Any sport official, believer or not, rookie or veteran

- Family members, spouses, or friends of a sport official

- Players and coaches

- Fans of sports as a whole

- Those who disagree with the existence of referees

Our Founder:








My name is Daniel DiFolco and I am a grateful believer of Jesus Christ. I have been involved in sports officiating since I was 12 years old, while growing up outside of Denver, Colorado. I began refereeing youth basketball in my free time because of my dad's recommendation, as I was the athlete that every official disliked. From there it became a fun job and a hobby that paid better financially than any other part time job my friends had. My growing interest had compelled me to continue in other sports including: volleyball, flag football, and even tee-ball. 

However, there was a time after my playing days were over, that I realized the impact that officiating had on my life. The biggest contribution was relationships. Officiating built friendships, introduced me to many mentors that are still a huge part of my life and success, and brought me many others who have lead me into this desire of uniting us all in Jesus' name.

I currently live in Ellensburg, Washington with my beautiful wife, Alicia. By day I work as a construction foreman for a small custom home builder. Alicia is a certified Registered Dietitian and is the other cornerstone of my life, as my partner in Christ. She is one of the biggest reasons S.O.S has began. As a referee, I only work basketball and have been blessed by many opportunities to work from the varsity level, all the way up to Division II. I am blessed to be apart of the Northwest Athletic Conference (NWAC), Cascade Collegiate Conference (CCC), Northwest Conference (NWC), and the Great Northwest Athletic Conference (GNAC). 

These opportunities alone are proof of God's power and fulfillment of His promises for those who walk in faith, regardless of our imperfections and shortcomings. The officiating journey is full of amazing blessings, but it can also get us sidetracked from why we are truly here on this earth. S.O.S. is the product of the calling to bring God into every area of our lives, for His ultimate glory. S.O.S. is the opportunity for us as sport officials to unite in our God-given skills and passion in order to spread and promote the Good News. Officiating sports has brought me to places I never pictured being, and being with and around people I never thought I would be with. Sports alone has the power to break down barriers in society, and help unite people in the midst of the hardships that life throws at us. If sport does this without Jesus, I can only imagine what it can and will do when we let Jesus be apart of it. 

There are amazing Sports Ministries all over the world, but there is a hole that needs filling. Just as the Triune God wouldn't be whole without the Son or the Spirit, Sport wouldn't be whole without sports officials. It is my desire to bring sports officials together who are sold-out for Jesus and fill in the gap that is missing in sports ministry. As we do that, I believe the relationships between players, coaches, and fans will be healed and redeemed. We will finally create a bridge of empathy and understanding between all parties, not on our own accord, but through the redeeming power of Jesus Christ. It is my hope to unite the body of Jesus-following sports officials and together, take steps towards more officials and mended relationships. 

I pray that through this fellowship, the power of Jesus transforms not only the sports we all participate in, but transforms the lives of those who engage in them. While I may not know what lies ahead for sport officials, or even sports as a whole, I do know and am sure of the eternal life that is to come after for those who believe.

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