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2018 referees Embracing Faith Conference

Allen, TX - August 25th 2018
Cottonwood Creek Church

Speakers: Pat Fraher, Ed Rush Sr., Steve Javie, and Coach Homer Drew.

MC: Darron George

Part 1: NBA Referee Pat Fraher "Fighting Your Biggest Enemy"

S.O.S's own Pat Fraher opens up R.E.F Con with a hard hitting reality check of our egos. In Part 1 Pat will talk to what our ego is and how it relates to officiating.

(Access Pats Slides Below- Part 1 Slides are 1-26)

Part 2: NBA Referee Pat Fraher "Fighting Your Biggest Enemy"

As Pat closes his presentation he takes a look at egos affect on our lives, and the wall it builds between us and our Savior Jesus.

(Access Pats Slides Below- Part 2 Slides are 27-44)

Part 1: Ed Rush Sr. "Grace Changes Everything"

NBA Referee Legend Ed Rush shares his story of how grace and the love of Jesus changed his life. This is a story not many have had the privilege to hear. This is Ed at his finest.

Part 2: Ed Rush Sr. "Grace Changes Everything"

Ed goes on in Part 2 about his transformation, a story about the '700 Club' and an article on NBA Refs that touched on mental health in officiating. r Enjoy it, send your feedback, and share!

Part 3: Ed Rush Sr. "Grace Changes Everything"

Ed Rush closes his keynote presentation in Part 3 and leaves the room at awe with an incredible illustation.

Part 1: Steve Javie "Growing Your Relationship with Christ"

Steve Javie who is most well known for his NBA Referee career and rules commentator, is also a soon to be Deacon in the Philadelphia Archdioceses. Steve wraps up our guest speakers at 2018 REF Con with an incredible message on "Growing Your Relationship with Jesus." This is a great message for the start of the New Year!

Part 2: Steve Javie "Growing Your Relationship with Christ"

In Part 2 NBA Referee Legend Steve Javie hones in on the 'phases' of faith. He also shares from his time in the NBA and a question that changed his life forever.

Part 3: Steve Javie "Growing Your Relationship with Christ"

Steve concludes his message at REF 2018 and no doubt will it speak to you wherever you are at.

 Coach Homer Drew Part 1:


This familiar face of March Madness history, takes to the stage at REF Con 2018 to share about faith and the impact of the bible. In Part 1, Darron George share's his testimony, and leads into his introduction of his dear friend. We hope you enjoy this first video where you get to know more about S.O.S's own Darron George and Coach Homer Drew!

 Coach Homer Drew Part 2:


In Part Two, Coach Drew takes us along a journey through the bible. His synopsis aims to give us hope in a world of uncertainty. We truly hope that his message inspires you to dig in a little deeper, and spend a little more time reading about the word of God so you can experience more of the Word of God who is Jesus.

 Question and Answer:


This Q&A will not be found at any ref camp or academy this summer. Check out this Q&A where the audience opens up to ask our speakers questions not just on refereeing, but their faith. These questions are hard hitting, and ones we are sure you have wondered before as well.

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