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“You are the salt of the earth,” “You are the light of the world,” “go and make disciples”: these three scriptures all insist that we hold the light of our Savior within us. While this is the greatest honor we could ever want or imagine, it comes with great responsibility. As sport officials we believe this responsibility requires us to address the issues in which we face, and one of the biggest issues we face is the national shortage of officials.

Filling void’s or empty spaces has been a part of God’s story since creation. Whether the void has been in the hearts of his people or in the absence of resources, God has been faithful to rush into those spaces left empty. Furthermore, we believe that part of the spiritual formation of our Christian journey include the emptying of ourselves of this world, only to be filled more and more by the ONE and ONLY filler.

Since we hold this belief in God’s faithfulness to fill void’s, we at S.O.S believe it is time to apply this to our massive shortage of sport officials. S.O.S was founded with 6 great visions for ministry in which our fifth vision was “Recruiting Officials.” As “salt and light,” we are called to invite others to experience life with us. This light and salt should inspire as well as attract. We have decided to apply Jesus’ “Great Commission” to this shortage. So as Christ-following sport officials we have a duty to be the vessels in which God’s power fills the void of officials in the sport world.  

Unfolding in front of our eyes is not actually a problem of low pay or lack of regulation and consequences towards abuse. Instead it is the dismemberment of “triune competition” in its original created state. At S.O.S we find no coincidences that our God who is represented in a Triune God Head created sport with a triune relationship as well. The problem we see currently is that sport officials aren’t seen to be important to sport. Sport officials just don’t seem to be welcome or appreciated in today’s sport culture. It’s time for the “triune competition” relationship to be restored to unity. It’s time that sport ministries move to action and promote the workings of these three entities working in perfect union. 

This is our call. Our call is to be invitational in Christ-like imitation. An imitation that was courageous, self-sacrificing and bold. So join S.O.S and Honigs in a bold step of faiih with our “Great Recruitment.”

To get your "Great Recruitment" resources fill the form out and type "I am joining the Great Recruitment" in the message box!

Lets End the Shortage Together!

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